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Issues with randomly sorting in one div

Issue #1: I can't seem to get 2 stories next to each other in that one flex container called ".double-item-post" - It only shows one and it's all messed up. Issue #2: I want top-post-item, double-post-item, and bottom-post-item to all be randomly sorted together so that they all have unique stories and there aren't any repeated in the 1-2-1 format. I've tried to use several different methods and names for the random code but it keeps failing. Issue #3: The 30 Percent Column: I have 8 non-featured stories in the Collection. All 8 will be displayed but 3 of them will also have pull quotes. I want to randomly sort all divs together so that the pull quotes are mixed in with the story links and don't just sit at the bottom. Issue #4: Since I have 8 non-features, I have no idea how to generate more random do/while code (numberOne === numberThree, etc.) past numberTwo. This also applies to the Featured stories because I want to display 4 stories in total (1-2-1).

Created on: 
March 30, 2019
Solved on: 
March 30, 2019
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Solution video coming soon
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