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Burger animation fix and how to create different layouts for the same collection template page

Issue #1: I have a hamburger icon that animates and it appears in my header div across many pages. However the animation only works on one page and the actions break/give an error on the other pages (see attached photo). When I re-apply the actions to the target elements on the pages where it's not working, the animation on the page that works breaks, too. Do I have to create a different div for the hamburger on all pages or create combo classes? Issue #2: When the hamburger icon animates, one of the diagonal lines gets larger or isn’t lining up properly. It’s a tiny detail, but I notice it. I suspect it has to do with positioning or the kind of div it’s in… Issue #3: Just reminding you of my earlier request where I want interviews to look different than stories. Both kinds of pages are generated by dynamic CMS. Right now I only have one template for both called 'Stories Template' and I'm styling and using different headers for each one. Should I create a 'Interviews template'? If so, how will I implement that into my randomize code on my homepage?

Created on: 
April 2, 2019
Solved on: 
April 2, 2019
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Second video: How to setup different layouts