You're weird

August 20, 2018

Throughout the first half of my life, I always felt like I didn't fit in. I didn't make a lot of friends during my grade school days. When I saw other kids in their cliques smiling and laughing during the lunch period, I would get jealous and think, maybe I am what people say I am.


Whenever that lunch bell rang, i would run to the library to grab one of the four computer stations that, at the time, had internet. Now keep in mind that this was back in 1996, the internet was still young and my high school only had 4 internet connected computers.

If I was lucky enough to get a seat at a computer, I would immediately start fixing my GeoCities page by adding another animated gif of a running dog or figure out what new content I should post.  But most importantly, I would check the number on my page view counter.

To me, the world of web design was a weird place where there was always something new to learn everyday. Many people didn't understand it, but at that time I knew that was the only place where weird is the only accepted norm.

Instead of doing homework, I would code HTML. Instead of hanging out after school with friends, I would learn Photoshop. Instead of following the set path of the traditional education path, I learned flash and CSS. It wasn't the normal path for anyone to take, it was the weird path.

It was the path that was full of unknowns, to the average person, and is what still intrigues me to this day.

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