World peace and breadcrumbs

December 22, 2017

I like to think world peace exists.  But only 6 people at a time can truly experience it for 6 months at a time.  These 6 people live on the International Space Station working on science experiments that will help humans understand our bodies, our planet and other space dust more clearly.  In the space station, astronauts and cosmonauts from different countries are able to work together without any politics.

To me, that is a beautiful and selfless task.  They risk their lives by leaving their families and the entire human race behind to sit on top of a giant rocket. Then get sent into low earth orbit to work in a tin can for 6 months.


When I think about space and science more, I like to think that everything that was created was created by one thing or one god for one purpose. He/she/it wants to be found and left a “breadcrumb trail” and the only way we can find it is by working together.

When we as humans find something, whether it be a rock, insect, animal, star, gas cloud, we are naturally curious about it. So we study it because we have questions that need to be answered. But once each of those questions are answered a new batch of questions are revealed.

With each question answered we get closer and closer to it.

Will we ever find it? I doubt it. But the point of world peace isn’t as much of the goal to it, but more about the journey.

I’ll just end this rambling with my favorite quote ever, by Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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