We are all born creative; we are just not allowed to show it.

July 18, 2017

Have you ever seen a video where a young kid is doing something amazingly well that made you say:

“Wow. That kid is super talented.”

I think we all have and also wondered, how did they become so good at that thing so early in their lives? The answer is creativity.

We are all born curious.  It’s in our nature to try to figure out and understand everything.  It’s what helps us grow from being just another mammal to becoming a self-aware and analytical human.

Babies are always putting things in their mouths. Kids are always doing things that may get them physically hurt. This is ok. This is how we all grow.

From preschool to around fourth or fifth grade, we are encouraged to use our imaginations when doing things like stacking blocks, painting, playing instruments, or dancing. But as kids start to turn into teenagers, they are forced to do things in school that are less creative and more logical.

In today’s society, creative outlets are pushed to the side and are considered hobbies. Our imaginations start to fade away because the “real world” is where teenagers and adults should stay.


I think, thinking creatively should always be encouraged, no matter what age or life stage you are in.  It’s healthy and helps us all learn more.

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