Rejection is hard

February 12, 2019

We are taught rejection at an early age when we want to do something or get something and our parents say “no”.

Rejection also happens when:

  • we are aiming for a certain grade in school and we don’t get it.
  • you want a boyfriend or girlfriend and he/she says “no. I don’t like you in that way.”
  • you go through an interview process for a job and you don’t get the position.
  • when you work so hard to get a client and your proposal gets rejected.

At the root of it all, we all want something so bad and when life says no, you can’t have it, we get mad and either take it out on someone else, something else or worse, ourselves.

Rejection is part of life and its ok to be rejected.

Rejection is also part of natural evolution and just like natural evolution, rejection is just a way of life telling you that a better “yes” will happen.

But you can’t just sit there and wait for the “yes” to come.  You need to work on what makes you happy, is productive and will help others.

My career path was full of rejections. Here is a list of rejections that happened to me in my career as I worked hard to become a full-time web designer:

  1. Boss promised that I could grow into a Web Designer role. Later at that job I learned that they hired someone else for the web designer role.
  2. got laid off due to recession.
  3. Boss didn't allow me to design websites.
  4. I got fired. Wasn’t right for the role.
  5. the startup wasn’t doing well so they cut my pay, then ended up not getting a full paycheck after I left.
  6. I had to leave cause they got sued by Facebook.
  7. Again, I wasn’t allowed to design websites.
  8. I wasn’t allowed to start from the wireframe stage of design. Just become a production designer.

During my whole career, when someone said no to my passion of web design, I just did it on my own on my free time. Just do what you love and one day someone will pay you to continue to do it.

Rejection isn’t reflection of your personality or your skills.

Rejection is life keeping you humble and at the same time leading you to something better.

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