People who believe they sit above everyone else, always look down.

July 25, 2017

For some people, when they get a promotion, a raise or more “power” it goes to their head. When that happens, I can’t help but stare and wonder about them.

Why do they think they’re above everyone else?

As a species, we all have a part to play.  Some people have logical minds while others have creative minds.  No one person can do every job in the world.  That is why we have teams of people helping each other out to get to a common goal.

If one person could do every job, wouldn’t that mean that everyone else is irrelevant and wouldn’t need to exist?

While bad leaders look down at everyone, thinking they aren’t good enough, great leaders look up at others knowing that together we can accomplish more.

Must be a sad kind of life if you're always looking down and never see the sky. It's those kind of people that make me wish I could help tilt their chins up and show them that there's more to this world.

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