Client work is not yours to own

September 13, 2017

When a client hires you to design something for them, you want to do your best for them. It’s what got you that client in the first place right? They saw your portfolio, had a meeting with you and thought you were the best person for the project.

As you start designing for them, you start to subconsciously design for yourself.  You start trying to push the limits of your design skills to build something portfolio or even award worthy.  But then, in most cases, your client starts to take over the design. When this happens, you start to realize you’re at a crossroad.

Do you continue to push forward to build something awesome or do you listen to your client since he/she is paying you to do the work for them?

As designers, we are essentially in the business of customer service and your always walking this fine line between what you want to do for the client and what you client wants you to do for them. This situation is always tough. If the project ends up not looking amazing to you or not worthy enough for your own portfolio, but is perfect in your client’s eyes, that’s when you have to let it go. 

The project was never yours to own in the first place.

Think about it from a photographer’s point-of-view. They take thousands of photos during a photoshoot but only choose their 5 best ones.  As designers, we are doing the same thing but over a longer period of time. We get lots of "ok" clients and to "ok" work.

But if you just hang in there and do the work, you'll eventually get those dream clients that’ll give you creative freedom and pay you handsomely for it.


Photo by on Unsplash

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