Children will always be smarter than us

June 26, 2017

As I stare at my daughter, my first child, I can’t help but wonder about her future. What will it be like? What technology will be part of her day-to-day life that will amaze me but bore her?

When I was a kid and wanted to watch my favorite cartoon, I would have to wait until Saturday morning to catch it.  If I overslept on that morning, I would feel a bit sad. But now I can just easily say “Hey, Google. Play Moana from Netflix on my TV.”

I remember when I had to look up something in an encyclopedia. But now I can just Wiki it.

When I went to middle and high school, we were forced to lug around heavy books from classroom to classroom just to reference one or 5 pages of it.  I think school children still do this, but I’m willing to bet that my kid will just use one tablet for all classes.

As I look back at my past, I realize that I’ve had better access to the collective human knowledge than my parents.  As I look to my child’s future, I can see that same pattern happening. It gives me hope that the future isn’t all that bad because as a species, we are always giving our kids easier access to more knowledge.

The more they can learn the smarter they will be and hopefully pass that knowledge down to their own kids to make them even more smarter.

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