Sherpa Energy Squares


Help build a simple site that shows off and sells a food product created by a local baker.


Used Webflow (obviously) to create a simple 4 page responsive website with tasteful (pun definitely intended) interactions, animations and ecommerce.

Techniques used
Interactions & Animations

This was one of the first projects I helped The Cowlick Appeal with. The wireframes were very simple, but the design was unique. I had to add simple interactions and animations that helped explain the story of the bake and product. With Webflow interactions and animations, it's very easy to go overboard and distract the user from the main story of the website. Each interaction and animation was chosen to specifically not go overboard and "Michael Bay"* the site.

When the site was first launched, I also integrated the client's Square online store. Well, when I say "integrated" I mean I just added links that opened up to a new page to go to the store. Which wasn't the best UX. Later the client moved over to Shopify which made the UX much better since I was able to integrate that easily into the Webflow CMS by using a code snippet.

* Meaning to add interactions and animations that doesn't help explain the story.

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