Mission Avenue Bar and Grill


Develop a custom restaurant website, with multiple databases for food, drinks and events, based on a unique static mock, within 1 week.


Use Webflow Collections and designer tool to make this all happen.

Techniques used
CSS Grid
Interactions & Animations

When my wife creates a new site, from scratch, she always manages to create something simple yet unique. I had a lot of fun building this site because it was simple and unique. The only part that was a bit challenging for me was creating a custom events database based on the day of the week. The restaurant owner has weekly and special one-off events that he wanted to advertise on his site. I was able to make that happen with some jQuery.

Another interesting part of the site was adding custom borders to certain boxes of content using CSS Grid and making sure that it was responsive:

Webflow Designer tool showing CSS Grid

This was my first restaurant site build and my wife, the client and I are very happy with the way it turned out.

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