International Relief Teams


International Relief Teams needed a redesign of their website and also wanted it on an easier CMS.


Completely migrate the site's data from Drupal to Webflow CMS and redesign the front-end.

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This was a huge project that needed a quick 3 month turn around. Thankfully the Webflow CMS was mature enough at the time to give me and this client everything we needed to make this happen. The client was paying a lot for hosting and maintenance of their site on Drupal. For the client, Drupal became a very confusing platform to work with.

During my Webflow demo meeting, I explained Webflow is factually as I could and showed how easy the Webflow CMS was. After one day, they agreed to leave the Drupal platform and move to Webflow. (HUZZAH!)

When it came time to migrate the site, I had to hire a fellow Webflow expert to help me copy/paste all the blog posts over to Webflow. As for the building of the new redesigned site, I had to pull out a lot of tricks out of the bag. I had to create custom coded:

  • Gallery lightboxes
  • Custom modals and notification bars that could be easily turned off an on
  • Add cookies to the modals
  • Integrate third-party donation forms

Once the site was ready to launch, I gave the client a short 30 minute Webflow CMS training session and she was off to the races. This was a very challenging projet but very much worth it for a great organization that does great things. (Please consider donating to their cause.)

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